For the past 7 years The TV Lounge has been the home for Minder discussion. The Minder Lounge was born out of the need to create a stable environment to host jno's original Minder forum which was creaking under the weight of an unstable free forum platform. In 2008 a migration of all the original data was made to The Minder Lounge, saving many years of jno's hard & dedicated work. Over the next 7 years The Minder Lounge grew into a place which I am very proud to have hosted and been a part of.

Sadly in recent times one poster/man's ego has caused conflict and discord across The Lounges. As much as people tried to reason with him (including jno), he refused to take the advice, instead waging a ego led petulant one man war which has caused more & more ill feeling. This recently came to a head when the said person had to be banned. Due to jno personally knowing this person he felt he was in an untenable situation, and has therefore taken the decision to step down and move on.

Given The Minder Lounge was created for jno to provide a central safe home for the information, with him not involved then regrettably The Minder Lounge has now closed its doors. I think it is very sad that one manís childish actions has caused the breakdown of a once harmonious community that has flourished for many years, a place that was a little corner of the internet used by people to get away from the daily grind, not take itself too seriously, and be a place all Minder fans could celebrate the wonderful show.

I would like to thank everybody who has taken part in the Minder Lounge over the past 7 years, itís been a pleasure. Hopefully we'll still see you on The Sweeney and Professionals lounges very soon which continue to go from strength to strength. Also be sure to look out for some very exciting forum updates..!


The Sweeney Lounge

The Professionals Lounge