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Mandalay Bay poker room

Play Poker with the Younger Crowd at the Mandalay Bay Poker Room

If you are a person that could be classified in the “younger crowd” that heads to Las Vegas. Then the Mandalay Bay poker room is a good choice. As one of Las Vegas’ glamour resorts, this hotel has drawn acclaim worldwide for its lavish furnishings and good service. I wasn’t worried about any of that. I wanted to know about the poker at the Mandalay Bay. On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I set out to find this poker room in an attempt to play an extended session. What I found was that this room suited my skills and needs in perfect fashion. Not surprisingly, I stayed there for the better part of my Las Vegas trip.

Mandalay Bay poker room

The best thing about the Mandalay Bay poker room is the people. Being one of the new glamour resorts, it attracts young, attractive, fun people. Those folks make their way out to the poker room and it becomes a blast. The room itself is not too large, but it is big enough to create a nice poker atmosphere. The tables and chairs are new and comfortable. In this poker room, they have plenty of televisions on which to watch the best games available.


The one major drawback to having a young crowd that frequents the casino is that the level of play seems to have elevated to a pretty high level. This room is much different from its counterpart at the Excalibur. Above average poker players bring their internet-tested skills to the tables at the Mandalay Bay. On my trips, it looked as if these players were mostly highly skilled tourists. The Nevada locals haven’t quite figured out this room yet, so I didn’t see too many semi-pro sharks out in the water. In general the $1/$2 no-limit game amounted to a dog fight between four really good players.

Advantages of playing poker at Mandalay Bay

One advantage to playing poker at the Mandalay Bay is that you will be treated to drinks by some of the most beautiful women on Earth. The resort has a reputation for hiring some beauties and the poker room seems to be their home base. Though they are a little bit slow in their drink service, their looks are almost enough to make up for it.

If you are looking to hang out with a great crowd of hip people, then this resort is the perfect place. The fact that it spills over to the poker room is just an added bonus. While this room certainly has some drawbacks, the benefits are almost enough to outweigh those serious drawbacks.

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