The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

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The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby jno on Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:34 am

...either planned or by accident. There must be some interesting stories out there?

I will start the ball rolling....

Glynn Edwards
Reece Dinsdale
Rick Parfitt (from Status Quo)
Snooker players: Steve Davis, John Spencer and John Higgins
Mark Hill (one half of 'Artful Dodger' Re-rewind/Movin' Too Fast once played drums in my old band)
Sean Moore's mum(!) (drummer from the Manic Street Preachers)
Trudi Jackson (actress with bit parts in 'Gavin & Stacey' and 'Being Human III' used to be in my class at school)
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby maninasuitcase2 on Wed Apr 11, 2012 12:11 pm

Justin Hayward at St Ives in 1981. One of my work colleagues invited me to her wedding and Justin was a fellow guest, he sat on the table next to mine for the meal. He was a really nice guy and wasn't bothered at all that I went up and asked for his autograph.

I haven't really met that many other famous people. Mostly rock and pop: Bruce Foxton & Rick Buckler (The Jam), all the members of mod revival band The Chords, Colin Blunstone (chatted to him twice) and Rod Argent (The Zombies), Paul Jones, Tom McGuinness and Mike D'Abo (Manfred Mann), Alan Price, Chris Farlowe and several more lesser names.
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Ace5150 on Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:31 pm

Met or Know?
I have met lots, from Royalty to Politicians to Film Stars to Musicians.........and I know a few as well (the ones who'll send me a birthday card and I have their home address and their number on my phone) from the world of music to entertainment.
The vast majority I have met are decent, but there's been a few who have rubbed me up the wrong way, so I'll name and shame them instead
Richie Blackmore
Billy Idol
Gary Moore
Ken Livingstone
Richard Hammond
Alan Hanson
Bill Maynard
Jimmy Hill (threatened to horsewhip me!)
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Vic Shortman on Wed Apr 11, 2012 2:45 pm

Kenneth Williams, while on a school jolly to Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham circa 1982. I know he was quite a tormented soul but he was great to us kids. After a childhood diet of Carry on Films, Will-o-the-Wisp, and his superlative audio book reading of Wind of the Willow he was everything I hoped he'd be.
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby mercman on Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:42 pm

I met Kenneth Baker, the Tory politician (Mrs Thatcher's education secretary), last week. In Bolton - of all places...

Previously - Kevin Keegan, Joe Bugner, Tony Benn, Roy Hattersley (quite a 70s flavour to that lot). Probably a few more, can't remember now though. I'll have a think.
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Cromwell Avenue W6 on Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:55 pm

I'm sure we've had a similar thread before but here goes... I've seen or bumped into a few 'faces' at railway stations when I first joined the railway...

Leo Sayer - he nearly knocked me flying with his luggage trolley at Paddington when he was rushing to catch a train (which he missed!).

Jimmy Saville - saw him at Paddington while he was doing a live Top Of The Pops in 1984 which involved a record breaking run to Bristol on a High Speed Train.

Eric Sykes - bumped into me on the concourse at Euston whilst smoking the biggest cigar I've ever seen in my life.

John Bindon - witnessed him p*ssing up the side of a carriage at Euston, he just didn't give a monkey's.

Clive Dunn - lived five doors down from my Grandad in Barnes, used to see him quite often in the 70s.

Frankie Howard - aformentioned Grandad knew him quite well and visited him in Brighton several times, I was allowed to tag along. Taller than he looked on the telly and very funny!

W6 :wink:

Edit : Grandad regularly drank with Bernard Hepton and Edward Hardwicke in the Bull pub in Barnes and we'd often see him chatting to them at the bar.

Saw Charles and Di at the Royal Tornament and almost bumped into Princess Anne at the Earls Court Motor Show.

Nearly forgot two more...

Saw Denholm Eliot p*ssed as a f*rt on Ravenscourt Park station, and when Sarah Miles bought a house by the Thames round the corner from me I'd see her a fair bit.
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby MZB on Wed Apr 11, 2012 4:51 pm

Met loads of people via working on the railway .... Tiffany Chapman (played Racael Jordache in Brookside) on a New Street to Liverpool service / Helen Worth (Gail in Coronation Street) on a Stoke to Derby service / Kevin Lloyd (played Tosh Lines in The Bill) on the Derby to St Pancras service ... saw and spoke to him many times, he was a regular traveller and actually made the first move to speak ....

Others I have met on Cruise holidays .... Wendy Richard / Mike Craig / Jim Bowen / Martin Daniels ...

Then there were meetings in the bar or backstage at concerts of various groups and solo artists .... John Lawton / Ken Hensley (both whilst at Nordhausen and John later at Crewe) / Steve Harley / Mick Box / etc ... and recently Colin Blunstone.

Met Douglas Bader when he visited our school back in early 70's / Richard Todd at a 617 evening dinner.

Then there were those who only lived up the road at the time ... Ed Bishop (Atherstone) / Jim Davidson (Hinckley).

Autographs? I never bother. I have a few but to me it's just a bit of scribble. Apart from band signatures on CD's whilst at concerts, I got Gerry Anderson to sign a DVD, Mike Craig, Jim Bowen and Wendy Craig to sign a book, and Richard Todd to sign a Dambusters postcard ... that's about it.
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby binsandabeard on Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:05 pm

mostly lesser named musicians,although anybody who likes 70s rock music has probably heard of ian paice (drummer with deep purple).as a schoolboy footballer i met bobby moore on the wembley pitch whilst i was a ball boy at a notts county play-off final.there was nobody in the ground and he was doing an interview for radio.all the other lads were bottling talking to him,so i waited till he'd finished what he was doing then i seized the moment."mr.moore?'i said,stepping forward and offering a handshake.he looked at me,with no trace of a smile,and shook my hand.then replied"nice to meet get off the pitch,son".that's one that i enjoy re-telling. :thumbup:
oh,and i've also met the finest midfielder that has ever lived;the fantastic don masson (although that is a matter of individual opinion).
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Ringer on Wed Apr 11, 2012 8:49 pm

Met a few, mainly through work, including;
Frank Carson
Nick Clegg
Tony Blair
John Prescott, who was kipping like a baby in 1st class while his aides ran round like blue arsed flies
Richard Branson, more than once
John Thompson from the Fast Show
Joan Collins
Eddie Izzard
Lionel Blair
Tim Vine
Jason whassiname from The Gadget Show
Suzi Perry
Phil 'the Power' Taylor
Emlyn Hughes
Stirling Moss
and OF Course John Lyons!

People of the midlands will no doubt have heard of Les Ross from the radio. I'm quite friendly with him. Lovely bloke.
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Eastway on Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:04 pm

In the late-90s I used to work in Crouch End, which was/is a bit of a celebrity hub.

In the (long closed) Hogs Head, As well as just seeing Clare Grogan and Sean Hughes, I ended up having a quick chat with John Benfield - probably best known for being in Prime Suspect, but to me was principly cranky Kev, the racist from Prospects, and one of Archie's heavies in the Minder episode Back In Good Old England. Really nice chap and very happy to talk about his time on Prospects - which obviously I asked him about!

And also in the same pub, I had quite a few pints with Cliff Parisi, pre-Eastenders Minty fame, was known to me for being a regular guest on KYTV at the time.

In the Kings Head, I stood next to Noel Gallagher once while being served at the bar. Didn't say a word to him! And I don't collect autographs either.

I did talk to Jim Bowen when he came in once though. I just told him there was no dartboard. :banghead:

Other than that, and with the exception of John Lyons, I've generally just seen famous people out and about but never to talk to.
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Bri Nylon shirt on Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:51 pm

A great thread!

I’ve seen loads of celebs in soho - Johnny Rotten having a pint outside a pub in Brewer St last week. Also on Brewer St a few years ago a pint sized Ronnie Corbett talking into a mobile phone and wearing a multi coloured waistcoat. Brian Ferry in a trendy club in the 90s. Paul Weller, Bernard Sumner, Neil Tennant regulars back in the 80s in a soho soul club. Scott Malsen (Phil Hunter in The Bill/Jack Branning in Eastenders) having his lunch in a veggie restaurant many times in the 90s and 00s. Tommy Vance in a dirty leather jacket which stank. Shakin Stevens looking like Mike Read. Biff Byford from Saxon with very thick hair and trousers far too tight for man his age. John Cleese (very tall). Tom Baker, also tall and stockily built. Pete Burns (scary face!). Actor Tom Hardy wandering around unnoticed before he was famous. Rod Stewart surrounded by photographers coming out of Limelight in 1986.

Out and about: In Kensington Market at the height of Take That mania in the 90s, Robbie Williams and Mark Owen with a bouncer and lots of young girls keeping up with them. Mark Owen chatting to the fans, Robbie Williams ignoring them and looking really pissed off. Back in 1990 all of Queen getting into two daimlers, Freddie Mercury was white as a sheet. In 1986 Morrissey in a Kings Cross pub selfconsciously hugging an orange juice. 1990s Malcolm McLaren in a health food shop paying by cheque. Tom Jones in covent garden last summer, dressed in black on a very hot day. The Four Tops getting into a limo in 1988. Also 1988 Joe Strummer at the Notting Hill carnival with one of his daughters on his shoulders and the other holding his hand. Paul Simenon in the library at Porchester Hall looking at photography books. Nick Cave on Westbourne Grove being recognised and shouted at by people in passing cars, looked a bit confused by it. Shane McGowan propping up various bars on his own in the 80s. George Melly in bayswater looking a bit scruffy and lost, think he was starting to get alzheimers then. Hung around afterwards and watched close up Johnny Cash sign autographs in 1994 at Shep Bush Empire (a great show). He was lovely to everyone. He and his wife had a limo waiting. His band were on Shep Bush green trying to hail a cab for themselves. Used to see Eric Sykes sitting in the front room of a beautiful edwardian block in Baywater. I thought it was his home but later found out it was his office. Dirk Bogarde on Sloane Street in 1993. I lived beside Holloway Prison in the 90s and used to see Suggs walking up and down my road so he must have lived locally.

Celebs I’ve met:
Little Richard (took the piss out of my irish accent, huge hands, huge head, high heels, loads of makeup, £20 cash to get his autograph!)
Willie Nelson (accidentally marked the sleeve of my shirt with his thick black pen when signing a box set for me, gutted as I really liked that shirt and the mark wouldnt wash off)
Bo Diddley (cranky bastard RIP, refused to sign anything for anyone, gave me an anti-drugs card)
Siouxsie Sioux, Steven Severin, Budgie, John McGeoch (Banshees) (all very polite and a bit drunk)
Jerry Dammers (a very decent person and a great maverick talent)
Brian May (another very decent person)
Tracey Emin (artist and moron!)
Ricky Gervais (nice, no entourage)
Matt Lucas & David Wallliams (OK and coldly professional)
Leee John (Imagination)
Mark Reilly (frontman of Matt Bianco)
Tony Benn (vain)
Ian Dury (very short and friendly)
Dot Cotton (a bit tipsy and very funny)

Can’t think of any more right now. To the people who met Kenneth Williams and Bobby Moore, I envy you they were both real english legends.

My most treasured autographed item (I don’t have many - about five) is The Jam ‘Down In The Tube Station’ (pic sleeve) signed by all three in 1978.

PS. I spilt part of a pint on Buster Bloodvessel back in 1980s. He didn’t mind!
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby VHK491S on Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:53 am

Ian McCullough walked past me at Lime Street Station yesterday :thumbup: He was wandering to the first class lounge not the 'cheap seats' like the rest of us. :wink: Cheers! :D
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby United 45 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:54 am

Ringer wrote:People of the midlands will no doubt have heard of Les Ross from the radio. I'm quite friendly with him. Lovely bloke.

Les Ross had been an original DJ when Radio Tees started in 1975. Obviously a stalwart of local radio :D
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United 45
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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Smokin' Arches on Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:16 am

Ringer wrote:People of the midlands will no doubt have heard of Les Ross from the radio. I'm quite friendly with him. Lovely bloke.

Was it he that bought you your pink sweat-shirt?


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Re: The 'I once met someone famous' thread...

Postby Messenger Of The Gods on Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:14 am

VHK491S wrote:Ian McCullough walked past me at Lime Street Station yesterday :thumbup: He was wandering to the first class lounge not the 'cheap seats' like the rest of us. :wink: Cheers! :D

Did he still have his shades on? 8) I've met him myself about 10 years ago when my mate's band supported Echo & The Bunnymen at a gig in Warrington, they did the gig at short notice when Snow Patrol pulled out at the last second. I just hung around backstage drinking the beer that was available to us. My mate is a bass player and knew Ian McCulloch really well then and had things turned out right could have joined the Bunnymen.

I've met Keith Chegwin, for my sins I appeared on Cheggers Plays Pop in 1986, representing our school in the quiz section! From what I remember, he was a top bloke, full of energy and seemed genuinely enthusiastic about doing the show.

The actor Sean Bean was in the pub by the ground after a Tranmere home game with Sheff Utd in the mid 90s, kudos to him for being with the real fans rather than mixing with the so-called prawn sandwich brigade, my mate and I went over to speak to him, though can't remember what we said as we were a bit drunk.

The Greece football squad stayed at the same hotel as the one my girlfriend and I were in when were in Vilamoura for the Euro 2004 tournament in Portugal, they stayed about 2 nights there for their last group game v Russia at the Algarve Stadium. The Greek players seemed absolutely made up about receiving attention from the other hotel guests and were more than happy to pose for photos and sign autographs for children. I actually spoke to Otto Rehagel (manager of the squad) and Angelos Charisteas (who went on to score the winning goal for Greece in the Final of Euro 2004) in the lift going back to our respective rooms) and wished them well. At the time Greece weren't certain of getting past the group stage and almost no one would have backed them to get to the final let alone win it, but they became (and still are) my adopted international team after England, Rep of Ireland and the other home nations. In addition to that I saw a few Eastenders actors in Vilamoura during our stay there (well my girlfriend recognised them as I wouldn't have had a clue!), and some of the Russian training staff out and about as they had two games in the Algarve.

I met Red Rum, the legendary Grand National horse when he came to a summer fair in 1980 though I was a bit too young then to appreciate what he'd achieved - I may have threw a tantrum when I learned I wasn't able to ride him, I thought he was there to give people rides! I do remember patting him and I giving him a polo mint though!
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